Sunday, 11 July 2010

...and McDonald's have won the World Cup!

Have a look at this and VOMIT:

Is nothing sacred any more? Has capitalism succeeded in invading absolutely everything? Being a lefty (and a ranting one at that), I don't condone nationalism of any sort but I can't help feeling disgusted by this foul opportunism on what is meant to be a 'joyful occasion celebrating sportsmanship' (or other such inanities). I love the World Cup and as a football fan I feel dirtied by this.
And all that rubbish about 'El Pais' being Spain's 'left-wing' newspaper. What a load of old cobblers. If you are going to be all patriotic at least don't pollute your victory with a blimmin' MCDONALD'S logo.

Another idea for advertising McDo could use:

What the hell's coming to the world? Another dire reminder that capitalism must be destroyed.

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